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Smartphones: Call Me (Maybe)


The average number of minutes Americans spend per day texting, according to a study of smartphone usage across 12 countries, which found we send and receive an average of 32 texts each day.

Apparently, we're not spending much time using our smartphones as phones, making and answering only six calls a day, according to January's International Smartphone Mobility Report, released March 25 by Informate Mobile Intelligence. We make up some of that by talking via chat and VoIP apps for about 14 minutes per day.

Overall we're using our smartphones quite differently than our counterparts in a majority of the 11 other "growing global markets" Informate surveyed in January, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Thailand, Turkey and Qatar.

The report found that users in 75% of the countries studied spent the least amount of their time texting -- at less than 5 minutes a day -- and instead spent the bulk of their time on chat/VOIP (users in Thailand, at 77 minutes per day, topped that one).

As for engagement with our smartphones, Americans lead the 12-market pack, spending 4.9 hours per day on our devices in January, slightly up from 4.7 hours in December 2014, Informate said. We also lead in data usage, with the highest average rate of monthly data consumption: 19 gigabytes (across cellular and WiFi).