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Simon Cowell Is Over Susan Boyle, But In Love With YouTube

American Idol judge Simon Cowell is over “sub stories” about Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle that are “about the cat and the way she looks.” He thinks Youtube is “the best thing that’s ever happened to us in the world.” And he’s eyeing the end of his run with Idol, according to comments he made during an appearance to promote America’s Got Talent at a press day NBC held in Pasadena Friday.

Highlights from a panel discussion and Q&A with reporters afterward:

Is he bored with Idol?

“I have had a great 8 years…But, you get to the point In your life where you go maybe it’s time for a change.”

On how Fox felt about Simon talking about leaving Idolafter one more season

“The network and I get on incredibly well…They were sort of surprised at what I said.”

On YouTube

“The good think about YouTube is it’s great market research. I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us in the world. What YouTube has done is literally brought the whole world together. I think it’s genius. I love it.”

On the American version of America’s Got Talent being tamer than international versions

“I’ll show the American audience whatever they like. I’d have topless people…whatever you want. I like the idea that we’ll push it as far as we can possibly push it.”

On Susan Boyle drawing attention to America’s Got Talent

“Susan has made people more aware of the show…I always believed this show was a sleeping giant.” (Simon noted that although NBC didn’t know it yet, he wants to hold two more auditions for Talent on the back of all the Boyle attention)

On being over all the buzz about Susan Boyle 

“First of all, she’s got to win. [I’m over] all the sub stories about the cat and the way she looks…She has got four weeks to prepare for the biggest night of her life.”