Shepard Smith Signs New Three-Year Deal with FNC

Shepard Smith confirmed that he’s signed a new three-year deal at Fox News Channel.

The Fox News anchor appeared on this morning’s The View to talk election season craziness, including Christine O’Donnell (”She’s good TV”) and his upcoming interview with Sarah Palin (”I’ll ask her if she’s going to run for president”).

Smith, the network’s lead news anchor, was asked about NPR’s firing of Juan Williams, who last week also signed a new deal with Fox News. Smith noted that Williams has been a friend “for a long time.” Williams makes regular appearances on Smith’s Studio B for the “Wednesdays with Juan” feature.

“My side of it is journalism,” said Smith, referring to the divide between commentary and journalism.  

NPR cited Williams’ straying into commentary during his appearances on Fox News as the reason for his dismissal.

“I’m really proud of the journalism that comes out of our place,” continued Smith. “We’ve never had a big mistake and I don’t think Juan Williams has had a big mistake.”