Sci Fi Wants To Save The World

… and it has some pretty big names to back it up.

The NBC-Universal owned cable network is launching a new blog, located at As you may have surmised by the name, the blog will examine what we can do today to help protect the planet (and the human species) and what we can expect tomorrow (metaphorically, not literally).

I must say, the leineup Sci Fi has collected to contribuite to the blog is very impressive. Among those writing for it are Virgin’s Richard Branson, who just unveiled the design for SpaceShip 2, his space-tourism vehicle. Michio Kaku, co-founder of string theory, inventor Dean Kamen and futurist Edie Weiner. Those folks are just the tip of the iceberg: educators, actors, political appointees entrepreneurs and others are also contributing.

Each of the authors has a certain “beat,” though we shall see how long that keeps up. Richard branson, for example, will be writing about space exploration and innovation, kaku on energy consumption, and Weiner on, well, the future. Another blogger will be Sci Fi president David Howe:

"Sci Fi’s blog is a balance between commentary and reporting and provides real perspectives from today’s most inventive minds on how to positively impact the future," Howe said in a statement. "SCI FI’s goal is to inspire individuals, organizations, and corporations to take the first steps in shaping future choices by joining the conversation."

I don’t know how well the blog will do, but it is a start in that direction. So far the posts have been great reads, though sometimes a bit self-promoting. Now if the network will only pick up Caprica