Salted Peanuts TV

I sat and watched drift Car drivers doing cheese grating donuts. Don't ask. It was for ABC's Master of Champions, a reality contest show with an almost indescribable mix of goofy stunt stuff.

The way they picked the winner of the various stunts was easily as ridiculous. The guy who grated the most cheese with his car–again, don't ask–was not the winner.

A panel of judges then chose their favorite, which in this case was his opponent, who lost. But that didn't count either. The audience got to pick, which turned out to be the guy who won in the first place. Radical Concept.

Then there were guys bouncing on spring-loaded stilts with fireworks tied to their bodies. I'm not sure what this show is other than an hour.

Champions followed by a day NBC's America's Got Talent, which was not quite as goofy and somewhat more describable. It was a sort of Gong Show Meets American Idol, with the now-obligatory obnoxious English-accented judge (see So You think You Can Dance) and, for some reason, David Hasselhoff, who clearly does not appreciate juggling given his boorish response to some fine jugglers (OK, I juggle, so I am sensitive.)

I promised myself that now that the original episodes of shows like Boston Legal and ER and Grey's Anatomy and House were over for the summer, that I would do all those things around the house and the yard that go undone the rest of the TV season, but I was lying.

This is like salted peanuts TV, though I think a little will go a long way.