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SAG Card For Simms?

One of last night’s TV highlights wasn’t a commercial, and certainly wasn’t anything going on on the slippery field. It was the segue way from Super Bowl post-game to Criminal Minds. As Mr. Eggerton notes, the screen showed CBS announcers Phil Simms and Jim Nantz analyzing the game. The picture was a little fuzzy, but who among us hadn’t had a few malty beverages? Then the camera panned back to show Simms and Nantz on a TV in the middle of the living room on Criminal Minds. As shot kept pulling back, the wife says to the husband something to the effect of, “OK, football season is over—time to start being a husband again.”

It was an excellent way to bridge the broadcasts and encourage a large portion of the football audience to pop another malty beverage and put off the return home for another hour. I didn’t watch beyond the clever intro, but I bet plenty of people did.

By Michael Malone