“Robot Chicken: Star Wars III,” “Freaknik,” and Other Adult Swim Oddities

Adult Swim is planning to complete the Robot Chicken: Star Wars trilogy. The network said at its upfront party Wednesday night that it is going forward with a third, and most likely final, Star Wars themed episode of its stop-motion series Robot Chicken (”don’t worry, we aren’t planning a prequel trilogy”). Robot Chicken has aired two Star Wars themed episodes already, most recently last November. The network didn’t have a launch window for the new special, but when asked, a network executive targeted this Fall.

Adult Swim is also planning a one hour variety special, Freaknik, starring rapper/producer T-Pain. Gym Class Heroes, SNL’s Andy Samberg and others will appear in the special, coming later this year. T-Pain will also be appearing in a live-action version of the network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force May 31, and was the musical guest at Wednesday’s upfront party.

Speaking of the party, the network took home the upfront week prize for “latest upfront start time,” with the presentation starting around 11 p.m., and “shortest presentation,” with it taking perhaps two and a half minutes.

If guests wanted swag, they had to earn it by winning carnival games. Corn dogs, popcorn and cotton candy was the food of choice, with vendors walking around ala Yankee Stadium carrying pails full of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (”only the finest,” remarked one guest popping the tab on the PBR).

T-Pain continued the circus theme, with dwarfs and women on stilts serving as backup dancers. And yes, he performed the SNL digital short “I’m On a Boat” live, albeit without Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island.