Red Hot Cuban

I love Mark Cuban.

No, not because he may hire Dan Rather, but because he pulled one of his famous outbursts at his Dallas Mavericks’ NBC Finals Game Five loss to Miami.

Basically, he did nothing different than I did when a ref threw an American soccer player out of our 1-1 draw with Italy over the weekend. The problem is, the nation watches him. Or more importantly, so does NBA commissioner David Stern, who fined him a quarter of a million dollars.

Well, Cuban did reportedly scream at the refs, the commissioner and everyone else who would listen that the league is rigged. Maybe not so much a good idea. But I just love his lack of a filter in these instances.

While these two are old adversaries in spats like these, to me it never gets old. If you want to find out more, Stern will appear on ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption today at 5:30 ET. The media-savvy Stern seldom says much of any real substance, but may be worth a look anyway.

By Ben Grossman