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President Makes Vineyard Visit To Comcast's Brian Roberts

President Barack Obama attended a reception at the home of Comcast Chairman Brian Roberts Sunday night (Aug. 21), according to various reports confirmed by a White House spokesperson.A Comcast spokesperson referred us to the White House for details, but the White House was not commenting on the visit, referring B&C to pool reports the White House had circulated to the general press list, including B&C.

Those reports generally talked about a bumpy car ride and a stakeout some distance from Roberts’ West Tisbury home on Martha’s Vineyward. The President has been vacationing on the Vineyward, getting as much R&R as the “Leader of the Free World” can amidst debt crises and Libyan turmoil.

While it appeared to be a social call, Roberts is on the President’s Council On Jobs & Competitiveness, which is chaired by Jeffrey Immelt, chairman of GE, Comcast’s partner in the NBCU joint venture.