One 'Memory' Too Many

There is a video clip on of what appears to be Connie Chung on what appears to the be the set of the canceled Connie & Maury weekend half-hour news and comment show on MSNBC.

She is performing a parody of Bob Hope's theme, thanks For the Memories, while wearing an evening gown and standing on a piano, then hopping off to strut her stuff in what seems a combination of that slurred Mailyn Monroe "Happy Birthday" song from the JFK birthday party and that woman in Nashville who's earnest country ballad devolves into a strip tease (no, Connie doesn't do any stripping).

Chung compares cable salaries to skid row, and takes shots at hubby Maury's talk show antics. Maybe she thought that since it was MSNBC, nobody would see it, cause it would sure seem to have driven a serious stake into any hard-news comeback for the first woman to solo anchor an evening newscast.

I said "performing" rather than "singing," becuuse the singing is atrocious. Chung appears to be a couple sheets to the wind, and a couple music sheets short of any sense of pitch.

It's Connie, says MSNBC, from a performance on their last show, which is why I knew nothing about it since I am one of the vast majority who have never seen the program.

A spokesman described her as "silly" but not tipsy. The Youtube clip has more than 200,000 views so far, which is more viewers than the show got.

Chung told Katie Couric before the show started she thought it might be a "disaster"–it was canceled after only a few months and a few thousand viewers. Chung told Couric she was happy at home and was convinced to do it by her husband.

To watch it and weep, go here

By John Eggerton