O'Brien Skewers NBC

Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien are making much hay of their own ridiculous situations at NBC.

On his program Friday (Jan. 8), O’Brien addressed reports that NBC is considering moving the foundering Jay Leno Show out of the 10 p.m. time period to 11:35 p.m. after the local news - which would shunt O’Brien’s Tonight Show to 12:05, and Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly’s respective programs to the wee hours. 

Taking the Tonight Show stage, O’Brien said: “We’ve got a great show for you tonight. I have no idea what time it will air, but it’s going to be a great show.

“I do want to address something that involves this program. There are a lot of rumors swirling around about The Tonight Show, The Jay Leno Show and the rest of NBC’s late night lineup. I just wanted to go over some of the rumors that have been flying around:

The Jay Leno Show is canceled.

Jay Leno is moving back to 11:30 and I’m moving to midnight.

Both of our shows will be on at 11:30 running simultaneously in split screen.

The Tonight Show will be an iPhone app and The Jay Leno Show will become an XBox game.

Jay and I are quitting both of our shows and starring in a new buddy cop drama called Cocoand the Chin.

Jay and I will be joining the cast of JerseyShore as a new character called ‘The Awkward Situation.’

I’m pregnant with Jay’s baby.

Jay’s pregnant with my baby.

We’re both pregnant with Tiger Woods’ babies.

NBC is going to throw me and Jay in a pit with sharpened sticks. The one who crawls out alive gets to leave NBC.”

As applause began to subside O’Brien added: “Trust me. That is an appealing proposition.”