Notes From TV Fest Launch Party

Things I liked at last night’s Made in NY party on opening night of the New York Television Festival, besides the open bar and those sweet-potato pastries.

* The plastic flasks

The party followed the screening of new NBC drama Kidnapped, and the space, New World Stages in the theater district, showed a noir theme– police tape on the furniture, graffiti on the walls. At first I thought the half-empty clear flasks left on tables were part of the motif, but upon asking the bartender for water, he handed me a faux-flask. Nice touch. Great for teasing overzealous police on the street.

* The framed picture of Matt Dillon–circa 1986, scowl on his face, cig in his mouth, forgotten actress Jenny Wright on his arm–on the wall.

* The sight of various young producers, showing their work in the festival, escorting their excited mothers around the party.

Boldfacers included Kidnapped stars Delroy Lindo (he’s actually made in London, not New York) and Timothy Hutton (made in Malibu), though Jeremy Sisto (Grass Valley, CA) was not to be found (Maybe he was, uh, kidnapped? That’d be some cool marketing.). Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko (made in Baltimore) was there as well, as SPT produced the show.

By Michael Malone