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National Geographic Tackling Dog Rehab

Usually celebrity rehab is a mind-numbing affair, featuring boring C-class celebs toiling away on VH1 to get sober. But today one network announced a rehab show that just might be a refreshing, and fascinating, change of pace.

National Geographic Channel’s popular series DogTown, which chronicles the daily goings on at the country’s largest no-kill animal shelter in the country of the same name, is tackling their most prescient case yet.

 The series will document the attempted rehabilitation of 22 dogs once owned by former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. Vick plead guilty in August, 2007 to one count of conspiracy with regards to operating an underground dog fighting ring. Vick has also been accused of killing a number of dogs, some in rather disturbing ways.

Due to the way Vick’s dogs had bred and treated, the staff at DogTown probably faces an uphill battle in rehabilitation. One thing is certain; this is shaping up to be much more interesting than your ordinary dose of reality rehab fare.

According to the network the episodes featuring Michael Vick’s former pooches will debut sometime this summer.