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Michael Powell a Gleek?

In an interview with B&C, new National Cable & Telecommunications Association President Michael Powell weighed in with a lineup of his current TV favorites, plus some he has caught up with through the wonders of on demand viewing.”I’m thrilled that Mad Man has survived another dispute and is going to be back in September because I think it’s a fantastic show,” he said of the AMC drama that has had some production drama of its own.

Powell has not gotten to The Sopranos yet–on a past TV bucket list of sorts–but now gets HBO–he did not when asked for his TV faves a few years back: “Jeff Bewkes, I have HBO!” he jokes, raising his voice as if the top HBO exec could hear him from Powell’s office a few blocks from the Capitol. But the show is already a favorite of the senior Powell (General Colin). “My father loves The Soppranos. He loves all the mob genre. Never been my thing. But Treme [an HBO drama about New Orleans], I think is a fascinating version of The Wire, and Boardwalk Empire is a brilliant piece.”

“The beauty of on demand is I’ve gone back to things,” said Powell. “I finally sat through all five seasons of The Wire and I’ve never seen anything more brilliant, ever.”

So, we get the sense that Powell likes well-written and engaging dramas. “I do,” he says. But he is an equal opportunity viewer, citing a number of broadcast shows as well as cable. “And I have left out my passion for [Fox’s] 24, which is now over. And I have never missed a Friday Night Lights, which I am very sad is supposedly coming to an end. Please, [Comcast Chairman] Brian Roberts, Bring it back,” he says, raising his voice again in mock earnestness. The high school football drama has been doing double duty, first airing on DirecTV and then on NBC, but is now in the final “throws” of its last season.

And he has a taste for some lighter fare as well.

“I think Modern Family is one of the most genius comedies ever put together on broadcast television,” he says of the ABC sitcom, “and I watch it religiously.” Could he possibly be a…”I’m a Gleek I’m going to confess,” he admits unapologetically. “I do have some sugar-coated indulgences and [Fox’s Glee] is one of them. Great show.”