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McMahon, Trump Headed for a Hair Match

Is this a publicity stunt or what? The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) says that its flamboyant chairman, Vince McMahon, will face off with real estate mogul and reality show host Donald Trump in a "hair match" for  Wrestlemania 23,  the pay-per-view event planned April 1 in Detroit.

The loser will shave his head. 

Dubbed The Battle of the Billionaires, the hair match will actually pit two wrestlers–at this point, it's not known who either will be–as surrogates for the publicity-shy tycoons. McMahon will officially offer the challenge to Trump on Thursday night's edition of Raw on the USA Network.  

The announcement is the latest in a series of stunts both men have pulled at WWE events. After Trump's trash talking about Rosie O'Donnell, McMahon put two wrestlers, dressed to look like the Donald and O'Donnell, into the ring. "Trump" actually won, by administering a severe head butt.

Later, Trump upstaged McMahon at  WWE Fan Appreciation Night by showering the crowd at a WWE event with thousands of dollars.

McMahon and Trump have been pseudo feuding for a while. A WWE spokesman claims McMahon believes Trump ripped off the phrase "You're fired!" from the wrestling promoter to use on his NBC reality show.

This feud may escalate between now and April 1, trained wrestling fans believe.

By P.J. Bednarski