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May The Schwartz Be With You

B&Cs own Bryon Rudd filed this report about the upcoming G4 show Spaceballs, enjoy.This fall, Mel Brook’s well-known Star Wars lampoon, Spaceballs, will appear as a new animated series on G4 television. Brooks co-wrote the pilot and will continue to write the entire series with co-writer Thomas Meehan. In addition, he will reprise the roles of Yogurt and President Skroob from the film. Production began in early 2005 with the help of Brooksfilms Limited, the Berliner Film Companies and MGM. The Pilot will closely follow the original movie’s plot-line, however, as the series goes on, it will rely more on satirizing all genres of TV and entertainment. "As the go-to network for men 18-34, irreverent humor is one of the benchmarks of our programming philosophy, as is animation," says G4 President Neal Tiles. "Mel Brooks’ classic movies ‘Young Frankenstein’ and ‘Blazing Saddles’ are just as relevant to our young male audience today as they were when they were first released. His brand of humor will resonate well with our viewers." Personally, I think “Spaceballs: The Animated Series” could go both ways. Since Mel Brooks is involved, the show has a much better chance at success. However, I also believe late night Cartoon Network, AKA Adult Swim or Comedy Central, are by far the go-to networks for men ages 18-34. Therefore, with his involvement I am not going to pass judgment on the show until I have seen a few episodes.-Bryon Rudd

Check out a preview clip of the show below.