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Marisa Guthrie On Cat Deeley

B&C staff writer Marisa Guthrie happened to stumble upon Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance finale last night, and had a bone to pick with host Cat Deeley’s choice of attire:

Oh Cat.

 Who picked out that unfortunate dress? Who ever they are, they should be banished forever from the stylist ranks and, for good measure, forced to spend the remainder of their days doing their personal shopping at Wal-Mart.

Cat Deeley’s "unique" attire on So You Think You Can Dance

But, perhaps the better question for Deeley would be: Is there a mirror in your dressing room?

It was the season finale of Fox’s summer hit So You Think You Can Dance Thursday night, but all I could focus on was host Deeley’s outfit: a brownish, strapless tulle number that resembled an ostrich (an ungainly creature) – or one of those glue gun concoctions employed to dress up the Kleenex box. To further burnish her “fashion-don’t” qualifications, Deeley appeared to be wearing several small butterfly clips in her hair, which was done in a frizzy, French-twisty side ‘do.

The effect was relentless. This wasn’t just a one act wonder. Deeley stayed in this outfit throughout the two-hour show, so that every time Dance returned from a commercial break, I found myself carefully studying the dress, as if squinty eyed concentration would give me some insight into Deeley’s thought process.

Perhaps she was attempting to mimic Icelandic singer/actor Bjork, whose swan dress (worn to the 2001 Oscars) sealed her status as a fashion iconoclast. The dress also raised thousands of dollars for Oxfam at a 2005 auctioned in conjunction with London’s Fashion Week.

Unfortunately, Deeley’s ostrich dress is certain to remain fashion’s ugly duckling.

-Marisa Guthrie