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One of the changed high-definition television is bringing with it is in makeup.

That is because in HD, with all those lines of resolution, you start to see all those lines of aging with a clarity never before achievable in the analog world.


I noted the years ago at an NAB convention, where an HDTV filming of a stage play, I think it was something about Stalin, was distracting for the obviousness of the pancake makeup and eye shadow on the actors.

Not surprisingly, I am not the only one who has noticed. The issue came up Wednesday in regard to the U.S. Open Golf Championship on NBC, which will be broadcast in HD.

Here is Dan Hicks, golf broadcasting partner to Johnny Miller, on the HD coverage:

"It is just unbelievable. For the record, I know that Phil Mickelson is using four or has the potential to use four different drivers at this championship. I just want to say that Johnny Miller has four different makeup packs he's choosing from, and it will be just a game-time decision on which one he uses from day to day of the telecast."

By John Eggerton