Liveblogging 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien'

12:37- Here we go… Max Weinberg is back! last I recall he was still touring with The Boss. Guess a prolonged strike will do that.

12:38- Conan has a monster strike beard! I just want to note that it was one of Conan’s researchers that started the strike beard phenomenon.

12:40- Oh Conan, not nearly as funny without writers. But at least he knows what to talk about: his beard.

12:42-Haha, now, that split screen is funny, reminiscent of his days with Finland’s president. Strike beard moment? Don’t push it Conan. Thankfully we have Bob Saget to look forward to.

12:45- Jeff Ross, Late Night’s executive producer, has a strike beard as well. For the record, at NBC’s holiday party last month, he was clean shaven. Must waited till after meeting the press to don the beard.

12:47- Is he going to bust out the spinning wedding ring? Yes he is!

12:50- Considering he was just spinning a ring on his desk, that was funny. Of course it is also nearly 1 AM.

12:52- Conan is showing real cards for a change. Funny, Sudoku, funny, weird clips on the wall, funny, Conan/Lincoln action figures, weird. And there’s the Boss, followed by Conan’s coral head.

12:55- Conan can jam! He should form a duo with Mike Huckabee, tour the country.

12:57- Ah! The feed cut out! Where is Conan? Is this some form of nefarious sabotage? Did the FCC decide that Conan playing guitar violates indecency rules?

12:58- Phew, he’s back. But I missed the Rock Band bit.

1:02-So Bob Saget, WGA member, crossed the picket line to help out his buddy Conan. If you haven’t already, check out their adventure in San Francisco from last year.

1:03- Bob Saget was a meat cutter?

1:04 The story set up reminds me of The Aristocrats. Excep Bob Saget is not nearly as funny, or as vulgar. Maybe the FCC should consider forgetting about their rules until the strike ends.

1:07- How could I have missed Bob Saget on Broadway!?

1:09- Pimping 1 vs. 100, another NBC show, maybe the network forced  Bob to come on? Nah, unlikely, he and Conan are tight. I think.

And with that, I go to sleep. And you should get some sleep too!