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Liveblogging 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

Hello and welcome to B&C’s liveblogging of  the return to the airwaves of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Check out our liveblogging of The Tonight Showhere, The Late Showhere, and Late Nighthere.

11:01- A Strike unibrow… awesome.

11:02-"A Daily Show, not THE Daily Show." Thats one way to show solidarity.

11:03-Yes! Chuckabee makes an appearance! Oh, what would the writers say?

11:05-I am beginning to get a sense of how the show will look. Much more clips, with (what looks like) Stewart ad-libbing jokes, and some heavy graphics. However, some of the jokes seem thought out, or even written, which could get Stewart in the same hot water that Jay Leno is in with the WGA. We shall see.

11:07-WGA strike jokes in full force, showing his solidarity. Worth noting: I believe that the writers DO in fact get a piece of iTunes sales, however they are tied into the DVD rate, which is not too much at all– It is where the writers really get screwed, as all the clips are there, and they don’t get any piece whatsoever.

11:08- Funny, and true, point about Viacom suing YouTube.

11:10- More fun editing, with a guest appearance by the governor of California. And on to the speechless ads. 

11:11- Wow, edgy 9/11 joke there by Stewart. As for the first segment, I think it is representative of what we can expect to see. Lots of video, with clever editing, and much improvisation by Stewart. I also expect to see more field pieces, possibly even during the next segment. I wonder how Colbert will be able to do this?

11:14- A Cornell professor eh? Seems like a bit of a stretch to me. I wonder if they will do two segments with him.

11:15- Stewart noting that he is crossing the picket line to come. And he raises a valid point, by showing up, does the professor hurt the writers cause?

11:17- Professor Seeber is playing it straight here, not openly taking sides.

11:18- So they are doing two segments with Seeber. I can see this trend continuing, Stewart is an excellent interviewer, and they will want to maximize what they can get out of their guests. I imagine there is only so much they can do without writers for the other segments.

11:24-This is actually some interesting background on labor relations. I was curious why the AMPTP and a number of other organizations did not violate antitrust regulations.

11:25-Did Jon try to get a deal for The Daily Show? Nikki Finke says yes. Though obviously Dave Letterman owns his own show, Stewart does not, and that would have nixed any deal.

11:29-Still throwing o Colbert, and how! now that is a strike beard. And ending with the writers striking outside his studio.

Stay tuned for liveblogging of The Colbert Report.