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LIVE BLOG: Katie Couric's First Night on CBS

Wearing a crisp white blazer and black top, Katie Couric opened her first CBS Evening News broadcast by teasing stories that range from hard-hitting international news (a story on the resurgence of the Taliban by chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan in Afghanistan) to the kind of fluff viewers got used to from Couric in the morning (Vanity Fair having an exclusive baby picture that we assume is TomKitten).

Couric also teased a new commentary segment called Free Speech and the inaugural commentary will come from Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

Legendary CBS anchor Walter Cronkite voiced her introduction.

The broadcast's top story was Logan's exclusive with Taliban fighters and the terrorism theme continued with a report by Jim Axelrod on a speech by President George W. Bush on the war on terror. Then Couric interviewed the New York Times' columnist Tom Friedman from a section of the set with two easy chairs.

By Allison Romano