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Lingering Super Bowl Sweetness

First, a disclaimer: We know the Super Bowl is over. But 98.7 million viewers couldn’t seem to get enough of last Sunday’s game and with a poor ad market and fragmentation increasing, it seems appropriate to keep the feel-good communal experience of the Super Bowl around at least until the end of the week.

The host of the big game, NBC, wasn’t the only big winner. CBS kicked off Super Bowl weekend with its 9th season of “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials,” from Juma Entertainment and IMG. The special was watched by 8.1. million viewers.

It also did pretty well in audience participation with 350,000 viewers voting online for their favorite Super Bowl commercial of all-time. The winner? Budweiser’s “Team Clydesdale” spot beat Coca-Cola’s “Mean Joe Greene” commercial from 1980 which is a perennial winner of the competition. Just how classic is “Mean Joe?” It was retired by the show to the new Super Bowl Commercial Hall of Fame.

Coke tried to cash in on the success of the “Mean Joe” spot this year with a commercial featuring Steelers star Troy Polamalu but the magic just seemed to be missing. You be the judge.