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Life Imitating Art…or At Least a Sitcom

We certainly don’t mean to be unsympathetic to the plight of the blind, but today’s Wall Street Journal made us think of last night’s Two and a Half Men. In last night’s episode on CBS, sleazeball lothario Charlie was complaining about hybrid cars; specifically, how he was in bed with someone’s wife when the someone drove up in a Prius, which he couldn’t hear because it’s electric. Presumably a beat-down ensued.

The Journal article, “Blind Pedestrians Say Quiet Hybrids Pose Safety Threat,” mentions how the blind face new challenges in crossing streets, as they have difficulty hearing electric cars zooming by.

Who knew Two and a Half Men was so socially aware?

By Michael Malone
[Editor's Note: An eagle-eyed viewer has informed us that Charlie did not, in fact, receive a beat-down, as the cuckolded husband stepped on the cat on the way in, alerting Charlie to his arrival and giving him a chance to escape.]