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Lester Holt and Son Sharing Turkey, Anchor Desk for Thanksgiving

TV news father-son duos aren’t uncommon in the business (think Mike and Chris Wallace, Bill and Willie Geist), but it’s not often you’ll see both hosting a newscast together.

But that’s what NBC News anchor Lester Holt and his son Stefan will be doing the day after Thanksgiving, when the two will co-anchor the noon newscast at Stefan’s station NBC 5 in Chicago.

The younger Holt, 25, who joined NBC 5 last year, invited his dad to spend Thanksgiving in Chicago and Lester jokingly offered to fill in if the station was short on anchors, which his son took him up on, according to a story on the station’s website.

Lester was an anchor at WBBM-TV Chicago for 14 years before joining MSNBC in 2000, but Friday will be the first time the pair has anchored together on the same set.

The elder Holt had only one request for working on his day off – an extra vacation day from NBC.