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Lego My Candidate!

Vermont Public Radio has posted a short YouTube video attempting to explain Monday's Democratic Iowa Caucus (Republicans use a secret ballot per the primaries and election), using Lego figures to try and uncomplicate the event.

If VPR's choice of figures is representative (it concedes the figures are not to scale), there are a lot of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings characters residing in the state, though the Storm Troopers representing Iowans might not sit well with some.

For all the attention placed on this first vote for potential presidential candidates, the recent track record of Republican Iowa caucus winners is not encouraging.

The winner in 2008 was Gov. Mike Huckabee and in 2012 it was Sen. Rick Santorum, neither of whom, it must be noted, were ultimately the nominee of their party.

By the way, if either of the Iowa caucus winners does ultimately win the oval office, Lego land immortality likely awaits: There is already a set of presidential figures.