Last Rites for 'Huff'

Tonight on Showtime, the superior series Huff takes its final curtain call. What was supposed to be the season-two finale is, sadly, turning out to be the series finale; the dark, over-the-top and never dull show, which has garnered critical accolades and Emmy wins (the Best Supporting Actress win for the wonderful Blythe Danner was fully deserved), was cancelled by the network last week due to consistently low ratings.

In the May 29 issue of B&C, we reported that CBS chief Leslie Moonves, whose company acquired Showtime after the split from Viacom, panned the network's approach to high-brow, critics'-darling programming, saying,  “Showtime was a bit too much of an off-off-Broadway play. They were interested in critics more than audiences. Anybody who knows me knows audiences are the thing. I am a populist, and you can take your reviews and stick them. Just give me big audiences.” 

Huff, it appears, is a victim of being too high-brow, not appealing enough to the unwashed masses. And that's quite a shame because, after only two seasons, Huff was really just getting started. Here's hoping that tonight's finale, at 10 p.m. ET, isn't too much of a cliffhanger, although, judging from last week's high-drama episode, that is unlikely. I'll be sorry to see it go. 

By Rebecca Stropoli