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KOTV Cameraman Goes Viral Giving Away Shoes Off His Feet

KOTV Tulsa cameraman Jerome Akintunde went viral on Facebook this week after reporter Reagan Ledbetter shared that Akintunde gave the shoes off his feet to a man who had just gotten out of the Tulsa County Jail.

According to Ledbetter, it was around 7:30 a.m. Dec. 17 when Ledbetter and Akintunde had finished a live shot in front of the Tulsa County Jail. A man came out of the jail entrance walking into the freezing Tulsa air with only a long-sleeve shirt and shorts on.

The cameraman walked over to the man and spoke with him before giving him his shoes.

"As he [Akintunde] walked up [to Ledbetter], I looked at him and said 'did you just give away your shoes?' ... he looks at me and says 'he needed them more than me. It’s cold out here,'" wrote Ledbetter.

Read Ledbetter's full post below:

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