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Kimmel sweats, Salma shines, Vanessa flexes

Okay, I promised myself not to go on about how good Salma Hayek looked at the Ugly Betty panel, so instead I will pass along that I was not alone in looking forward to her appearance.In fact, one married, female industry executive was just saying how after her first meeting with Hayek, she went home and went on and on to her husband about Hayek’s, um, assets, and began questioning her own sexuality.

See, I told you, it’s not just me.

Some other highlights from the afternoon:

  • When Jimmy Kimmel is at the BBQ, eat the hamburgers furthest away from the late night host/chef, unless you like perspiration with your cheeseburger.With his merry band of cast members – who are all family and close friends – Kimmel hosted a BBQ for TV writers Tuesday afternoon.And standing over the grill flipping burgers, the ABC star was sweating harder than Oprah and Gayle King at a …oh wait, just realized I misread that news item.
  • Ted Danson has mortgages just like everyone else.Yes, mortgages.Plural.Yup, just a regular Joe.
  • Vanessa Williams from Ugly Betty just flexed her bicep in response to a question, and wow is she fit.I bet she used to whup Rick Fox’s ass on several occasions.
  • Latest OVM (Oy Vey Moment, in case you just joined us) – someone asked the Ugly Betty panel the following gem: What do you say to people who might find the title offensive?My answer: I’d tell them to put a bag over their head because they must be ugly themselves. Couldn’t tell how ugly the person was asking the question, but c’mon, you’ve seen TV critics.If you had to bet ugly or not, where would you plunk down your pesos?
  • Why do critics try and pronounce “televnovela” with a Hispanic accent?You are white, you are from the Midwest.Be okay with that.I am both of the above and I say “telenovela” the way I say everything else…like a character from the movie “Fargo.”

– By Ben Grossman