'Kenny vs. Spenny' Returning to Battle March 16

Kenny vs. Spenny, the raucous Canadian import produced by SouthPark’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, will be returning to Comedy Central Sunday, March 16 at 11:30 p.m.

The show features real-life friends Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice as they engage in a strange competition every week, with the loser forced to endure a painful or embarrassing punishment.

The premiere episode (below) looks to be especially painful, with the competition being “who can handle the most torture?” Future episodes will include “who can lose the most weight?” (Which Comedy Central is promoting by mentioning the use of laxatives and fainting, not a good combination) “who can create the best viral video?” “who do gay guys like more?” and “first guy to stop singing loses.”

Comedy Central picked up 10 new episodes, as well as 10 episodes from previous seasons on Canadian television.

The show reminds me of MTV’s Jackass, but with some semblance of a plot. Despite the crude nature of the show, it can bring you to tears sometimes, both because it is so funny and because it looks so painful.

Kenny vs. Spenny is a perfect fit for Comedy Central, which is always looking to expand their already core audience of men aged 12-34.