Kathy Griffin + Dame Judi Dench=A-List 4-Eva

America has voted, and they want to see Gathy Griffin in a compromising position with Dame Judi Dench.

A second-season launch stunt for Bravo's Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List kicked off with a phone/online poll to help get Griffin off the D-list. (Can you still really be on the D-list once you've gotten a second season greenlighted?).

Almost 250,000 people voted. And nearly 40% of them said that Griffin's ticket to A-list status was to make a sex tape with Dench.

The rest of the votes:

24% said Griffin should adopt a baby in Namibia; 20% think she should give Ryan Seacrest a mani/pedi; and 17% of Americans said that Griffin should join the Scientology movement (which has really helped Tom Cruise out).

Starting today, you can check out Griffin's quest to achieve her goal on a Bravotv.com stream. Dench has yet to comment, but just think what this could do for her career.

By Rebecca Stropoli