Just Wondering…Dom from 'Entourage'

Last night’s episode of Entourage was unquestionably the least fun we’ve had as a viewer this season, and it all starts with the introduction of Dom, the guys’ old pal from back east who just got out of jail. Dom is easily the show’s most unlikable character yet, whether he’s taking Drama’s and Turtle’s jobs, stealing candy bars from the gas station or hitting on Vince’s pregnant publicist Shauna (played by Debi Mazar).

By the end of the episode I don’t know who wanted him gone more: Eric, Turtle, Drama, or me. But regardless of how much you dislike the Dominator, the actor who plays him, Domenick Lombardozzi from The Wire, is actually a pretty cool guy. The actor’s job is to bring out emotion, and Dom does a great job of making you hate him. I got to ask him a few questions at the Entourage premiere in New York a couple of weeks ago.

We were just wondering, where did the idea for this character come from?

Well, I had been talking with Doug Ellin and Mark [Wahlberg] about it for a while, and we had been wanting to do it for some time but this was really the first opportunity to fit the character in.

What do you think this character brings to the show?

He’s really a reality check. Vince and the guys had been out west for a few years, and we bring Dom in to remind them where they’re from.

You know no one’s going to like this character.

Let me tell you something—nobody likes the characters I play.

By Scotty C. the Intern