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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Term Crowd-Sourcing Is Damaging

LOS ANGELES — Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn’t view working with collaborators as crowd-sourcing.

“You can’t think of people as a crowd,” said Hit Record founder Gordon-Levitt Tuesday, during a keynote conversation at PromaxBDA: The Conference. “They’re all individual people.”

Gordon-Levitt has 3.7 million individuals who follow his personal Twitter account, @hitRECordJoe, and then another 75.4 thousand followers on @hitRECord.

Hit Record, which bows for its second season on Pivot on June 12, is a collaborative production company that encourages its online community to submit ideas for various projects.

“I tend to think that a creative process benefits from rules,” said Gordon-Levitt, adding that without a prompt or specific project creators stare at a blank page.

The idea for Hit Record came to the Third Rock from the Sun star after he found himself as an out-of-work recent graduate who wanted to get back into acting.

“I had to take responsibility for my own ability to express myself and be creative,” Gordon-Levitt told interviewer Brian Graden, president of Brian Graden Media.

“I wanted to be the one to push the [record] button.”