John Daly on '60 Minutes Sunday'

You just have to love golfer John Daly. Battling his dependencies, weight and everything else, he remains one of the most likable professional athletes competing today.

Among the nuggets the beer-drinking, two-packs-a-day-smoking Daly will tell Morley Safer this Sunday on 60 Minutes is that he and drinking water just don't see eye to eye.

"My body just doesn’t…it doesn’t want that. It’s fighting it. ‘Hey what’s going on, you’re putting something healthy in here?’" he says. "I am, to a point, not very superstitious about things, but every time I drink a bottle of water, I make a bogie."

He’ll also chat about his drinking, gambling problems and other demons that have made his road to stardom a rocky one - but have endeared him to golf and mainstream sports fans alike. Should be worth a look.

By Ben Grossman