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Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Hands Dirty

It was refreshing to see Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston together again on the season finale of FX’s Dirt, and in roles 180 degrees different from their Friends characters. The new Cox/Aniston incarnations are soap opera-vixen conniving. They’re Joan Collins-on-Dynasty manipulative. Aniston’s character, a guest-starring role occurring for the first time in this episode, is the only character to have been allowed to match Cox’s in cunning (What does it say if I was about to type “strategery”? Possibly that I should watch more CNN and less SNL.)

There are some actors who just have a certain chemistry on screen, and it makes their shows that much more fun to watch. I hope they bring Aniston back next season, although after watching the end of this episode I’ve given up making any sort of predictions about this show.

By Liz McKeon