Jane Fonda Hearts Stephen Colbert

I was just watching CNN at my desk and they mentioned that Jane Fonda did her entire interview on the Colbert Report last night perched come-hitherly on Steven Colbert's lap. Curious, I immediately went to YouTube, momentarily forgetting the Viacom had all content pulled from the site a few months ago. I guess this is the first time I needed to do this? Anyway, I found two things:

1.) The clip WAS available–but only because someone had videotaped their own TV screen and zoomed in on the action. The volume was bad and picture wasn't ideal, but I did get to see the clip well-enough.  I wonder how often this happens now–and what, if any, the legal repercussions may be? Talk to me.

2.) That watching Jane Fonda nuzzle the ear of the usually unflappable Mr. Colbert and transforming him into a bashful, giggling and flummoxed sixteen-year-old boy basically made my day. Okay. My week.