It's Just A TV Show

According to The Washington Post, ABC Entertainment apologized to the town of Hyattesville,

Md., Friday for federalizing it to put an end to civil unrest there following the murder of a…

Actually, the unrest was fictional, a plotline on Commander in Chief Thursday night.

According to the Post, city officials and state politicians took issue with their town and county, Prince Georges, being tarred with the brush of high crime and unrest. Hello, it's a TV show.I don't see Las Vegas whining about their new slogan: "What Dies in Vegas Shows Up on CSI"

I didn't see all of the Commander in Chief, but if, as the paper reported, they actually show a restaurant serving pork chops and chitlins–it is a majority black county–you have to wonder what they were thinking.

While the Post talked about the show "igniting an explosion of anger" and put the story on the front pageSaturday, I couldn't find any mention of the outrage on the Web site of the town or its local officials.

My guess is that a few politicians got exercised, and that most of the rest of the people were able to differentiate between reality and a TV show and were't "exploding" in anger.

Speaking of politicians (another one of my scintillating transitions), I am really getting a kick out of Stephen Colbert's weekly spotlight on a different Congressional district. At this rate the show will have to go eight more years or so to get them all in. That's OK with me.

By John Eggerton