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It Was 'Criminal'

CBS' post-Super Bowl Criminal Minds was all about synergy.

First there was the device of using a fake Jim Nance and company broadcast of the post-game show as a link between the game and the show, in which a couple are murdered after their Super Bowl party.

Then there was the viral video theme that permeated the show, though ironically Viacom, parent of CBS, has just forced YouTube to pull its content off the site.

When CBS lingered on a closeup of a Web address being typed by the unsub (unknown subject), I figured there was a reason. I typed in the address,, and sure enough it was a site featuring a video clip, complete with fake Web surfer comments on the "viral video,"  promoting Wednesday's episode of the show, which wraps up the two-parter which began Sunday night.

Also in the irony department was the comment on violence as entertainment from Mandy Patinken when he discovers that a viral video of the killing is the top downloaded video on the Internet. Another member of his crime investgation team suggests there is something wrong with the appetite for that violence.I agree, which is why I wish they had not followed the game with a show about a women chained up and eaten by wild dogs and various people slaughtered like animals-slit throat, etc.–by a Bible-verse quoting maniac.

By John Eggerton