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I'm No Celebrity, But Why Is Blago Here?

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was likely the most-anticipated guest set to appear on the panel for I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here at the NBC press day in Pasadena Friday.

However, his involvement in the new reality competition series, appears to be as the show’s publicist rather than an actual contestant.

“It is unclear if there will be any role. We are discussing potential options, ” Blagojevich said.

Which begged the question, Blago, why are you here?

“After the initial skepticism, I got to know some of the people and meet fellow contestants and celebrities. I am just very excited about this program. At least if I can’t participate, I can help promote it.”

And, I’m sure NBC was thankful for his enthusiasm.

Even though he won’t be a contestant on I’m a Celebrity, it doesn’t appear that will stop Blagojevich from exploring other entertainment career opportunities.

“When I was governor of Illinois my second favorite governor in America was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now that I am not governor, he’s my first favorite,” he joked. “This would be the reverse career path of Arnold’s. At this point I am looking for a new line of work. “