I’ll show you my Cineflex heligimble if you show me yours

Being a 5’7” hick from Minnesota, a lot of stuff tends to go over my head, so I like to watch Discovery Channel to try and smarten up.

But I’m starting to get a little worried now, as I can’t even keep up with their press releases.A press release today touting the cool-looking new series Planet Earth says the shooting of the show will utilize a Cineflex heligimble, a stabilization system using a powerful lens attached to a helicopter.

Cineflex heligimble?

C’mon, they just made that up.

I did a little legwork and checked out with a gizmo expert, Dr. Emmett Brown.He told me a simple flux capacitor could’ve done the trick.

Or as fellow journalist Irwin Fletcher would tell you, it’s all ball bearings these days.

By Ben Grossman