I Endeavor To Be Cack Rat

I'm not picking on the FCC in any way, shape or form (OK, in a little way, and in the shape of a question mark).

The commission has signers at its meetings and provides open captioning as well, both of which are commendable. But sometimes the real-time captioning, with the captioner trying to keep up with telecom jargon mixed in with humor, all at a breakneck pace, can make for fun captions.

for example, at today's meeting reviewing the FCC's successes of the past year, the word "accurate" came out, ironically, as "cack rat" and meritorious as "mayor torus."

"On-air personality" came out "nonair personality," perhaps wishful thinking on the part of Howard Stern critics.

Finally, there was "pate reon thic," which I have yet to be able to translate becuase I missed whatever it was the person actually said.

By John Eggerton