Howard Stern, Jeff Probst and Another Nail In the DVD Business Coffin

We all know the trend line for the DVD business in recent years, and now it turns out there may be yet another threat to the troubled industry: Twitter.

With digital delivery and so many other ways to watch films and movies becoming prevalent, one of the few things propping up the DVD world is so-called “extras” like a director’s commentary. Now it seems, you don’t even have to wait for the DVD to get that.

Recently during an airing of his movie Private Parts on HBO, Sirius-XM radio host Howard Stern (@HowardStern) suddenly began twittering behind-the-scenes commentary about the movie as it played out, such as what he was thinking during certain scenes and other exclusive bits of information about the cast and production.

And by all accounts it was a hit, garnering tons of publicity.  And according to Stern, he has already heard that others want to take the idea and run. In fact, Stern said that Survivor host and Howard Stern superfan Jeff Probst (@JeffProbst) planned on doing the same during an episode of his hit CBS show.

And sure enough, during last night’s episode, Probst was giving fans a behind-the-scenes account of the show’s production.

If this catches on, it’s just another reason not to buy DVDs.  As if there weren’t enough already.