How Late Nighters are Passing the Time

What I Did During Spring Break The Writers Strike Updated Below!

If you were a late night TV host, how would you spend all the free time you had with your writers on strike? Conan O’Brien and staff found a simply electrifying way to pass the time: Spinning wedding rings and timing how long it takes for it to stop.

                                            Conan O’Brien, seen here not spinning his wedding ring. (NBC)

By the way, Late Night Insider, Late Night with Conan O’Brien’s blog, is holding a contest; record yourself spinning a ring like Conan, and you can win a “awesome mystery prize.”

The link to the video is here.


A commenter below, who clearly knows more than I, has said that this clip was taken during a rehearsal over the summer. Not during the strike. I stand corrected, but the clip is still funny. So check it out.