House of Cuts

President Barack Obama is an acknowledged fan of Neflix's House of Cards. A House of Cards video send-up of the President was a feature of last year's White House Correspondents' Dinner, and earlier this year at a meeting with industry execs, the President said he wished sometimes he could be as cut-throat as House of Cards protagonist Frank Underwood.

So perhaps it was no surprise that the White House borrowed from the show Friday to express its displeasure with the House Republican budget, which was approved by the House Thursday, or as the White House put it, "The House Republicans voted on their 2015 budget," which the White House christened the "House of Cuts."

The White House in an email called the budget "bad news for the middle class. How bad? Frankly, it makes Congress look like something out of a TV show."

Hmmm. "Frankly." Wonder if that was a subtle reference to Underwood. The subline on the House of Cuts graphic continued the theme: "Stacking the deck against the middle class, one cut at a time."