Hispanic Viewers Are ‘Must-Have’ for TV Companies

The 13th Annual Hispanic Television Summit will be held Oct. 22 at the Park Central Hotel New York as a part of NYC Television Week. Joe Schramm, managing partner, Schramm Marketing Group Inc., has led the summit with success every year, tracking the explosion of growth in Hispanic viewers and assimilation of those viewers into the mainstream TV advertising market.

Multichannel News caught up with Schramm to get a few more details on why this event is expected to be caliente.

MCN:This event has a 12-year history with the audience. Why do you think it continues to grow?
Joe Schramm: Back then Hispanic TV was a segment market that was starting to get some attention. It is a market that has grown faster than other segments. It’s important to keep the agenda and the lineup of speakers fresh, and to stay topical and ahead of the industry. We are first to talk about big changes, we spotted trends before others, we have top celebrities and business leaders, and we give the opportunity for old friends to network and reconnect.

MCN: How is this year’s summit different from previous years?
JS: We’re taking a fresh look at many areas of the Hispanic TV business, including:
• the changing genre of telenovelas into super series;
• the future of televised soccer and getting past FIFA’s own issues;
• the impact of original productions for Hispanic television;
• the challenges of OTT carriage before securing linear carriage for networks;
• the importance of the smartphone to Hispanic viewership;
• the changing role of advertisers and agencies as it relates to a cross-cultural Hispanic market; and
• the Latinization of English-language TV as they pursue “assimilating” Hispanics.

MCN: Who will be attending this year?
JS: Nearly 500 TV executives from the U.S., Latin America, Spain and Europe. This year, we will attract more general market ad agencies, advertisers, producers and networks than ever before because this market is now too big to ignore. They all want to be reaching Hispanic viewers because of the size of the audience segment.

MCN: What makes this conference different from other Hispanic events in the industry?
JS: This is THE signature event — the only one to exclusively cover all aspects of the TV industry, inclusive of ALL platforms and all revenue streams. Our message is that the Hispanic viewer is not “nice to have,” but is a business “must-have” and is recognized for being an important segment for the entire TV business, but is a business “must-have” and is recognized for being an important segment for the entire TV business