Hiccups, Hangups and Lockups

Foes of strict network neutrality language could have used the Congress' streamed audio from the Thursday Senate Commerce Committee markup on a telecom bill as exhibit number one in their arguments.

Reporters trying to access the hearing met with digital hiccups, hangups and even computer lockups as, I assume, hoards of 'net types tried to monitor a bill they believe could change the face of the Internet.

Networks opposing tough neutrality language in that bill argue that they need the flexibility to manage their networks and the return on investment necessary for network upgrades to keep up with the content load that threatens to turn the Internet into rush hour on the Washington Beltway.

In short, they argue, if you want the kind of slow, frustrating downloads I and other reporters were experiencing in trying to stream the hearing, back strict network neutrality language that will not allow them to effectively manage the burgeoning Internet load or invest in faster, bigger pipes.

By John Eggerton