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Hereafter TV

Bravo seems to have a Bud Cort-like fascination with the hearafter these days, or at least this day.

Cort was the kid in the cult classic film, Harold and Maude, who dreamed up elaborate scenarios for faking his own demise.

Anyway, on Tuesday, the cable network talked about "embracing death" in its release on the premiere of off-HBO runs of funereal sereis, Six Feet Under.

"Bravo plays pallbearer," said the release, extending the joke. "It feels great to bring this creative and critically acclaimed series back to 'life' on Bravo,” said network president Lauren Zalaznick, failing heroically to avoid yet another death pun. But then, I wouldn't have expected them to avoid it.

That release came only a few hours after Bravo's broadband channel,, began plugging its new- season "Death Watch," asking viewers to vote on which new shows on the broadcast networks will get killed first.

All the death wordplay was jarring so soon after Steve Irwin's death, but there is no way to predict who is going to die–given that we all are, eventually–just as you are about to roll out your new initiatives.

By John Eggerton