Hallmark Halftime

Tears, rather than tears (the latter is "tears"–rhymes with "stares," as in tearing off part of a singer's top), will be the focus of one alternative Super Bowl half-time.

The Hallmark Channel will program its own "Super Bowl Halftime Show," featuring not Prince nor potential wardrobe malfunctions, but a half-hour special featuring the best of Hallmark cards and card ads in Hallmark Hall of Fame specials.

Those are the ones that make grown men blubber. Like, say, the retiring, Mr. Chips-like teacher who gets a card–hand-delivered–from a former student even as he is packing up his desk. Gets me every time.

The only ad that takes more Kleenex is the McDonalds ad called The New Kid, about a retired guy's first day working for McDonalds, but I digress.

I won't point out that I suggested to a top Hallmark executive a while back that they should do a special featuring the best of their Hallmark ads. I won't point it out because that selfsame executive had said at the time he had pondered the exact same thing.

Great minds, perhaps, or just like ones.

By John Eggerton