Is CBS short of regular folks ready to weigh in on the topics of the day? Bob Scheiffer has done at least two of the Evening News sound-off segments in the show's first four weeks, if my memory serves me. If it doesn't, Bob, feel free to set me straight and I will look like an idiot.

I'm glad to hear from Schieffer any time. He is one of the best journalists in the business. But I thought this was gong to be a platform for other voices than CBS's.

Perhaps CBS should do a weekly editorial segment in the news where one of its journalists can weigh in.

I am all for broadcasters exercising their editorial voices–talk radio certainly has no problems sounding off.

But I would rather it leave the FreeSpeech segment as an op ed opportunity for others. There are some 300 million poeple out there and  a bunch of issues to get exercised over.

By John Eggerton