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'Entourage' Keeps Rolling

Can we all stop the complaining about Entourage moving too slowly? You know, all the “what’s up with Saigon?” and “where the hell is Sloane?” questions that keep popping up on message boards and around the office?

The big issues have been addressed. Aquaman was a huge hit, Dom came and (thank God) went, Turtle’s rapper Saigon got a deal, and E still has a girlfriend (who, I might add, is a lot cooler than we all thought). We can’t forget, people, these are only 30-minute episodes. I know everyone wants them longer, but last year’s season was over 20 episodes, so by the end of the season every story line but the cliffhanger will be neatly wrapped up.

Last night’s episode proved that the show has hit its stride. I can’t wait to see Drama and Lloyd’s partnership blossom. Drama and Lloyd riding each other to the top…How’s that for a mental image? A lot better than what Ari had in mind for Drama (“I don’t care if it’s a porn set where he has to get gang raped by silverback gorillas–find him a job!”). 

Luckily we have plenty to look forward to, like E falling for Sloane’s blonde friend, Ari resolving things with Terrance, and how this whole Aquaman 2 thing is going to play out. So tune in on Sunday to see what opportunities lie in store for the Fab Four. As Drama said of opportunity, “When opportunity comes to your door let her the f*** in…”
By Scottie C. the Intern