Election Watch: Pelosi Speaks, Larry Launches

Watching CNN, I just saw an emotional-looking Nancy Pelosi address a hooting and hollering crowd. With the Democrats taking the House, it's a historic moment for Pelosi who is poised to become the first woman speaker in the House of Representatives. She promised "the most ethical and honest congress in history" and finished by saying, "the campaign is over." 

Oh, but the night isn't. Oh, the night isn't at all. Larry King's one hour and 54 minutes election show has just begun and Blitzer and Anderson show no signs of fatigue. One wishes she could say the same for herself. And ALL this talk about how close the Virginia race is (if the margin is 1 percent, there must be a recount) has me thinking the end is not in sight. I am flipping to Colbert, and eagerly awaiting John Higgins dispatch from The Daily Show…

By Caroline Palmer